Galgavölgye working hotel

Our services

- All rooms are equipped with a flat-screen television and a refrigerator. 

- Daily cleaning in the common areas and weekly in the rooms, with a change of bed linen. 

- Our communal living room and equipped kitchen provide our guests with the opportunity for cultured dining options. Coffee machine with reasonable prices, can be used all day.

-  Showers and restrooms and the use of a washing machine are provided on each floor. - Bus stop and free parking in front of the building. We draw our guests' attention to the fact that we accept male guests at our hotel, please take this into account when booking!

Our prices

2 bed room  7.800 HUF/night
3 bed room 10.500 HUF/night

We offer favorable prices 

Call us: +36-20-220-5545